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Do any of these describe you?

  • I’m great at what I do, but I can’t get enough clients or sales to make a good living
  • I know I need to promote my products and services, but I don’t know how to market them online
  • I want to Impact a larger audience with my products and services

If you aren’t sure how internet marketing fits into your business and want to discover essential strategies, skills, and techniques to help you promote your business online, this telesminar is for you.

You will learn the basics of internet marketing, without paying for an over priced hyped up course that you’re not even ready for!

This free internet marketing seminar is information packed and help equip you to grow your business and get more clients and customers.

Free internet marketing Help

Bob Jenkins is one of the internet’s best online marketing trainers. He has created a one-stop internet marketing resource center, and wants to give you instant access to some of the best step by step internet marketing training for free.

Bob gives both the big picture, the “why”, and the small steps that most people skip over, you are never left guessing. His training will have a huge impact on your business.

Bob’s step by step training will answer your questions and empower you to take your business to the next level

When you register for this free telesminar you will get access to a substantial amount of free training so you can test out Bob Jenkin’s IM Success Library for yourself.

  • How to set up your first list with Aweber, and connect it to your website
  • How social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Ning can be used to promote your business without spamming everybody
  • And many additional lessons to show you how to turn more visitors into subscribers and buyers

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Here is what one of our listeners had to say :

Thank you Lynne and Bob. More value than I could have imagined. My fear of change and site improvement is reduced as a result of your help. 

With Lynne’s help this past week, I am now on Twitter. She has taken away this fear of mine that I may goof up something. Bob, your approach helps me to feel valuable, renewing a sense of success in internet marketing.  Thank you – Ben

Essential Communication Skills You Need For Your Business

A new program that shows you the essential skills you need to succeed in your business, from

    choosing a niche
    to asking the right questions
    to capitalizing on your credibility
    feeling more confident
    what language choices will make you money (and what will NOT!)

… and so much more.

Brought to you by communication consultant, coach, and speaker Felicia Slattery.  Learn more and get on board while Felicia is offering a low introductory price

Cash in on Communication Program

You will find the help and support that you need to create a successful online business

How To Use The Internet To Promote Your Business

Have you a low advertising budget? If so, there are a variety of low-cost advertising and promotional tools that you can use to promote your business online.

If you want to expand your business but cannot afford to plant stores all around, you need to be on the Internet. Nearly everyone is using the Internet, because they enjoy the convenience and ease of buying online. Ove 80% of people search online first! Give your customers what they want.


  1. Set up your own website. You can either set up your own website or you can pay someone to set it up for you. You can have web hosting for as little as $5.00 per month plus yearly registration of your domain name (the website address).
  2. Use pay per click advertising. You can set a price that you would be willing to pay every time someone clicks on an ad that you write. You only have to pay this when someone clicks on your ad. If no one clicks on your ad you do not have to pay. They allow you to set up a daily advertising budget and you have the freedom to cancel and restart your ads any time you want.
  3. Submit your site to many website directories. You can search the Internet for free website directories and you will find lots of links to places where you can advertise.
  4. Participate in forums and blogs. This is a great way to help promote your product or services. Often you can do this for free.
  5. Use email marketing. You can create lists of customers, or potential customers that you can keep in touch with on a regular basis. These e-mailings can all be sent out in bulk, as if you were sending them through postal mail.


  • Usually in order to set up your own website for your business you need to purchase both web hosting , which mentioned above can be bought cheaply. You can buy a great website package deal for $25.00 a month. Also, you can purchase online store sites, also called e-commerce sites, which usually average about 60.00 a month.
  • Even though advertising on the Internet can still cost money, the beauty of advertising and having your store on the Internet is that you do not have to spend large amounts of money on paper advertising.
  • Ezine advertising is a very cost effective way of advertsing your business,  you can get thousands of highly targeted visitors to your products and services without spending a fortune
  • You can also keep business cards in local stores, mail out flyers to residents when you are having a sale, get listed in a business directory if your town has one, and more. Be creative with your marketing, and you will save time and money. Another way is to visit workshops associated with your business. There you can network with others in your business and get ideas on what works and what doesn’t. Studying your competition is a great way to see what you are up against, and even learn from their mistakes!
  • Remember your business basics. The best form of advertising is free – word of mouth. If you are an excellent business with superior customer service, your customers will tell everyone they know about their experience. That makes their friends and family remember your business name when they are in need of your products or services.

Article provided by wikiHow, a wiki how-to manual. Please edit this article and find author credits at the original wikiHow article on How to Use the Internet to Promote Your Business. All content on wikiHow can be shared under a Creative Commons license.

Internet Marketing Success – Step By Step How To Tutorials

If you want to learn the basics of internet marketing, but didn’t know where to look, or are tired of being sucked in by over priced hyped up courses that you’re not even ready for, you’re going to love what I found.

One of the internet’s best online marketing trainers has created a one-stop internet marketing resource center, and he has arranged for me to give you instant access to some of the best internet marketing training for free.

You get access to some free tutorials, and a special discount so you can have access to the entire Internet Marketing Success Library and get up to 2 months free!

Claim Your Free Internet Marketing Success Library Membership 

I’ve been learnig from Bob The Teacher for a while now, and I’m always impressed with how information packed and methodical his training courses are. His training will have a huge impact on your business.

Take a look, and you’ll know right away why I’m telling you about this. Bob gives both the big picture, the “why”, and the small steps that most people skip over, you will never be left guessing. Let me know how much it helps you!

In my opinion, this is the best deal on the internet right now. Grab it while the price is this low!

Proven Niche Markets – How Do You Choose A Profitable Niche?

How Do You Choose A Profitable Niche?

You know the steps

  • Do market research
  • Do extensive keyword research
  • Choose a niche

But how do you know whether your chosen niche is likely to be profitable?

Have you ever wished that instead of somebody giving you the steps, tools and techniques that you need to start being successful online, that they just did the spade work for you?

Are you?

* Stuck picking a niche market
* Wanting to find a better niche market
* Needing some profitable business ideas

You’ll be pleased to know that the spade work has already been done for you.  You can receive details of 241 of the best niche markets proven to be successful online.

Not only will you receive the complete list of 241 niches, but also what people are BUYING in that niche so that you can model what is already successful.

You also get the keyword research for each niche so you don’t have to spend a fortune and the next 3 or 4 weeks slaving away with keyword research tools.

On top of that…

You get a system to help you narrow down the big list and pinpoint your ideal niche.

You also get a training course and software package that shows you how to start generating income as an affiliate in that niche.

If you like the idea of the spade work being done for you, then you will love Proven Niche Markets

Unfortunately most people have no idea how to do effective market research and find the process so overwhelming that they give up.

Who Is Proven Niche Markets for?

People who haven’t made much money online and would love someone to help them identify a profitable niche worth puring their time and energy into.

Browsing through the list of proven niche markets is eye opening.  You will see all kinds of unique and “why didn’t I think of that” business ideas.

Each market niche has a description of the niche, what kinds of products people are currently buying and the keyword research.

It also comes with a formula that shows you how to find the markets that are a great fit for you and then identify the market that is the perfect fit for you.

Proven Nice Markets will finally help you solve the one of the biggest sources of frustration and roadblock that is holding you back – picking a profitable proven niche market.

If you’re stuck, I recommend you take a look at Proven Niche Markets to see if it’s what you need to help you succeed online.

Internet Marketing Help – step by step internet market training

If you are looking for clear step by step internet marketing training that takes you by the hand and shows you exactly what to do and how to do it, I recommend that you take advantage of Derrick Van Dyke’s Free 7 day trial membership to Affiliate Cash Secrets.

For a limited time, Derrick is giving everyone a chance to try his Internet marketing training program for free…

He gives you step by step tutorials showing you exactly what to do.

He has a 5-Part “Jump Start” Training Program

Each lesson is an action-oriented training session that walks you through all the steps to create your first online business. He does this with online videos that you can watch when it’s convenient to you.

This is some of what is covered in Affiliate Cash Secrets

Getting started with internet marketing

How to select a profitable market and where to find quality products to promote – all the basics like buying a domain name and hosting, and installing a WordPress blog.

Customizing Your Blog

He shows you, step by step, how to install the blog theme that he personally designed for affiliate marketers. You’ll learn how to optimize your blog for search engines, install the essential plugins and use Google Analytics so you’ll know how visitors are finding your site.

Creating a Squeeze Page

Discover a quick-and-easy way to make a squeeze page and a landing page with WordPress using the special affiliate theme included.

Finding Good keyword rich content to presell your products

Discover how to find ready-made pre-sell content that you can post on your blog and how to load content in your autoresponder so you can earn money on auto pilot.

Getting Your First Website Traffic

Learn how to research keywords and optimize your blog posts for search engines. You’ll also learn how to ping your blog and submit your posts to social bookmarking sites for instant traffic.

Everything you need to know to get started with interent marketing is clearly explained in step-by-step training videos.

If you would like a guide alongside to walk you through the process of getting started with internet marketing, go and check out Derrick’s free trial to Affiliate Cash Secrets. He takes the mystery out of internet marketing and helps you to get started with the right way.

Making Money Online – The Baby Boomer’s Guide To Online Income

Are you a Baby Boomer?


If you are nearing retirement age you might like to take a look at Nick Mark’s The Baby Boomer’s Guide To Online Income. It shows you how to launch a second career working from home and making money online.

It’s a step-by-step road map to earning money online . You don’t need to join a club, you don’t need much start-up capital, there is no risk and it’s ethical!

You will discover, quick simple proven methods to help you start earning an online income. All you need is a computer, the ability to follow the steps and time.

You can check out The Baby Boomer’s Guide to Online Income Here.

And you can always return here and pick up lots of useful tips and free or low cost reources to help you succeed online.

Remember to bookmark the Internet Marketing First Steps Blog so that you don’t miss any of the valuable tips.

Internet Marketing Mentoring At A Price You Can Afford

Internet marketing help for beginners and for the not so new who would like a helping hand.

One of the fastest ways to succeed online is to closely follow someone else who is already successful and do what they do.

I have a rare and unique offering today, something that I’ve never seen offered at this price! If you can’t wait to see check it out now. It is amazing value.

Find someone who is already where you want to be and model them

Use the same tools, systems and strategies that they do and raceahead of where you could have been.

If you would like someone to show you what to do, month by month, help you out, answer your questions,  and provide what you need to help you build your business then take a look at what John Thornhill is offering.

But what I like best, is that he offers to promote your product to his subscribers if it fits his lists! That is a very generous offer.

John is a full-time marketer with a great reputation, and he is offering to send your offer to his subscriber base of over 50,000. You don’t see that very often do you?

John tells you what he is doing so you can copy his systems, he shows you how on video, and gives you the tools and products you need to make it work. He even answers your questions!

Does this sound like what you’ve been looking for? everybody can afford this internet marketing help, even you.

John wants to build lifelong partnerships with tomorrow’s successful people and he knows that you could be one of those people so he’s priced his Planetsms Digital Mentorship Monthly at a ridiculous $10

You get everything I’ve mentioned and more for just $10 a month

I imagine by now you just want to go and see for yourself that everything I’ve said it the way I’ve described it. So feel free to go and check this out.

I’ve grabbed my spot, it’s one not to miss out on …..John is one of the good guys of internet marketing.

To your internet marketing success


PS This is great value, and it really will help you to succeed online. I never recommend anything that I haven’t tried out myself.

Internet Marketing Resources

Recommended internet marketing resources

Information you need at a price you can afford

If you want to succeed on line, click the link above and make sure you download these short reports by Jimmy D Brown. Jimmy is one of my most trusted resources.
Cash in on speaking

Low cost internet marketing resources to help you succeed online

Internet Marketing Mentoring

Chalking Cash From Articles

How To Make Money From Short Reports

Making Money With Google Adwords
Aff Sphere

Start Your Own Coaching Programme

Keyword Elite

Article Marketer

Affiliate Classroom

Get Google Ads Free

Tell A Friend

Work From Home

Do you need an ecommerce system that includes everything all in one place?

Shopping Cart, Affiliate Management System, Unlimited Autoresponders, Digital Product Delivery and Tracking System? I use Wahmcart, it’s a very affordable solution.

Get Your 14-Day Risk Free Test Drive for Only $1

Free Internet Marketing Downloads

Make Your Words Sell

Create An Ecourse In A Day

Blog Mastermind Blueprint

Teleseminar Formula

Free Squidoo Training

Triple Your Opt In Requests

Top Quality Articles, eBooks, Software, Adsense VRE Sites
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Internet Marketing for Beginners

The First Steps of Internet Marketing

Smart solutions for starting your own profitable internet marketing business

You can make money online when you follow simple proven steps.

  • Are you tired of watching other people succeed at making money online while you struggle?
  • Have the Ebooks you’ve bought and the internet marketing courses you’ve taken let you down?
  • Do you feel there has to be an easier, less expensive way to create a successful online business?

If you’ve answered yes to any of the above then this beginning internet marketing site is just what you need. Internet marketing first steps will help you to get started with your internet business the right way. No hype, no mega expensive courses, just lots of sound advice, doable marketing strategies and free or low cost resources.

A Word Of Caution For Internet Marketing Beginners

Don’t believe the lies of easy money. Internet marketing isn’t for the faint hearted or the lazy. If you want to be successful online you will need to learn the basics and be prepared to work hard, there is a lot to do if you want to do well.

Discovering how to build websites
Learning search engine optimization
Mastering automated email delivery - Autoresponders

Don’t worry, it’s much easier than you think.

But that’s only part of the process. Before you begin, you need to identify your niche and make sure that it’s a profitable niche. Then you need to research your target market and discover what they actually want and need. Don’t miss this step out, the last things you want to do is to produce something and then try to find a market for it…that’s a recipe for failure.

You need to create an internet marketing plan

Begin by identifying a profitable niche and creating your internet marketing plan. Decide on an internet marketing strategy that fits your personality, skill set and bank balance.

This will be your own personal blueprint for online success. It will help you to focus and stay on track.
Concentrate on the aspects of internet marketing that you enjoy. Focus on one thing, get it going properly and then move on the next natural step. Follow your blueprint and stay focused. You don’t need to tune out everything but you do need to remove distractions and focus on your plan so that you can be successful at earning money online.

Join a good mentoring program if it will help with where you are now, but don’t hop from one thing to the other. Be single minded. When you have achieved your initial goals and have things running smoothly, then you can consider ways to improve and fine tune your business.

Learn Internet Marketing Skills

If you want to be successful, you will need to take time to learn new skills and take action. Don’t be tempted to jump in at the deep end, learn how to swim first. Internet marketing beginners need to take time to learn the tools and strategies of marketing on the internet.

You will need to learn a lot of things to be successful but you don’t have to learn them all at once. Take you internet marketing journey one step at a time. Each day do as much as you plan. If you PERSIST with LEARNING AND DOING you will make money online.

There are many ways to start with internet marketing and you will see hundreds of offers that tell you that you must have what they want to sell you if you want to succeed.

The questions you need to ask yourself about each one is

  • Does this fit my personality?
  • Will this help me to achieve my goals?
  • Does it fit with my work ethic?
  • Do I really need it, or is it a distraction or for when I’m beyond the beginning stages.

You can’t learn everything at once, and I don’t recommend that you wait until you have a perfect website or have all the pieces in place before you begin, there is a simple way to get begin.

The simplest way to get started with internet marketing

The simplest way to get started earning money online is to use Article Marketing. You simply write short 300 – 400 word articles and publish them online. This will help you to improve your writing skills, earn affiliate commissions and build a reputation for being an authority in your niche. You can write articles, really. If you can explain how to do something you can write articles.

Read the articles on this site and take a look at my article writing and marketing blog for tips on how to get started.

While you’re planning you website or blog you could use a tool called Squidoo. It’s free and it’s really easy to do. You can create a web page and focus it on any topic. You don’t need technical skills. Here’s a free Squidoo tutorial to show you how to get started. You could have your first page up in an hour.

You can use Squidoo pages to help you discover where to focus your energies. It’s easy to create Squidoo pages on different topics and test out where the responsive visitors are.

It is easy to add products to a Squidoo page and to weave in affiliate links. You can start earning an income while you learn. If you start out with Article Marketing and Squidoo you will be establishing your online presence and learning from doing, while earning some money and you won’t be breaking the bank. This is probably the simplest way to start internet marketing if you’re a beginner.

If you’d like to find out more about article marketing, affiliate marketing, search engine optimisation or building a website, just keep on visiting my blog. I will be posting regualrly about each of these topics. Read the articles and download the guides I recommend you will find them very helpful. And I promise to stay clear of hype.

Internet marketing can be very profitable. Make sure you’re an internet marketing success story by doing internet marketing the right way, the first time.

Lynne Lee Online Coach

Lynne Lee is a life coach, author and seo expert who helps small business owners to establish an effective web presence.

Lynne is very resourcesful and has a knack of making seemingly complicated things easy to understand.

Lynne’s book Optimize Your Website is available as an immediate download.

So is her SEO Is Simple Audio Series – a 5 part audio series designed to be be easily understood by absolute beginners. It equips you to get your website listed on the first page of Google.

Lynne’s most recent product is a master keyword list for coaches and counsellors. if you are a coach or counsellor and would like to know the best keywords for your niche without spending hours doing keyword research,

your best coaching keywords are just a few clicks away.

If you have a website and you’d like to know how to get more vistors Lynne has an audio that you can listen to for free.

How To Get More visitors To Your Website

Lynne Lee’s Specialties:

  • Search engine optimisation
  • Keyword Research
  • Article writing and marketing coaching
  • Lynne offers an initial 30 minute consultation for just £30, that’s around $40.

If you would like her to take a look at your website with you to see how it can be improved so that it will climb in the search engine rankings, contact lynne and book an appointment. You will find that it is one of the most cost effective 30 minutes you have ever spent.
You will find Lynne Lee on the web here Lynne Lee Diploma in Life Coaching, Certificate of Education

Lynne On LinkedIn

Follow Lynne on Twitter

To contact Lynne just end an email to lynne at lynnelee dot com

Here are a selection of Lynne’s recent articles at Ezine Articles

Article Marketing is a Powerful Search Engine Optimization Strategy
The combination of SEO and article marketing is very powerful and will help you to get good search engine listings quickly. When you discover how to use article marketing and SEO together, you will be able to drive lots of free targeted traffic to your site.

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Traffic is the lifeblood of your website, and there is no better way to generate traffic to your website than to rank on the first page of search results. You don’t need to be a techie to get your site on the first page of Google, it helps, but there are many things you can do to get your site ranked highly that need little technical skill. Here are some of them:

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Stress Relief – Simple Strategies to Eliminate Stress
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Stop Arguing – How to Disagree Without Having an Argument
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Anger Management – How to Have a Difficult Conversation Without Having an Argument
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Use Article Marketing to Build Your Business – Writing Articles is a Powerful Marketing Strategy
Article writing and marketing is an effective way to promote your services and products. Writing and distributing articles will help you to build your online business, increase your credibility, give you more visibilty on the internet and result in more sales.

Link Building Strategies – How to Build Back Links and Get More Website Visitors
You need an effective link building strategy. If you want your site to rank well in the search engines you need lots of links pointing to your site. But you don’t want just any old links, the best kinds of back links are links with relevant keywords.

First Page of Google – How to Get Your Website on the First Page of Google
Why does my website need to be on the first page of Google? If your website isn’t on the first page of Google it is virtually invisible. Only 10% of searchers bother to search beyond the first page of search results. If your site is not on the first few pages, it is unlikely that your web site will ever be seen – except by you and your friends!

Article Marketing – The Many Valuable Benefits of Article Marketing
The benefits of article marketing all add up to more highly targeted traffic to your site. Articles are one of the best ways of getting huge numbers of new targeted visitors to your site within days. Article marketing is a free way to effectively market and promote your site while building lots of search engine friendly one-way links.

Boost Your Metabolism – Diet Tips to Boost Your Metabolism and Help You Lose Weight Painlessly
Give yourself the best chance of losing weight by following these simple metabolism boosting tips. You can lose weight quickly and easily without struggle by simply speeding up your metabolism.

How to Boost Your Metabolism – Tips and Strategies For Speeding Up Your Metabolism
If you want to lose weight quickly and easily, boost your metabolism. Trying to lose weight by drastically cutting down calories does not work; in fact, it’s unhealthy. Instead try these metabolism boosting strategies and you will soon lose weight.

Quick Weight Loss Tips – Simple Tips to Help You Lose Weight Quickly
Easy ways to lose weight without suffering. Weight loss doesn’t have to involve extreme diets, starvation and struggle. Lose weight the easy way.

Internet Marketing for Beginners – The First Steps of Internet Marketing

You can make money online when you follow simple proven steps, it is possible for ordinary people to have a successful internet business.

If you are tired of watching other people succeed at making money online while you struggle, you have bought Ebooks and internet marketing courses that have let you down, and you are looking for an easier, less expensive way to create a successful online business, then this site is just what you need.

Take a look at Internet Marketing For Beginners and get started the right way.