How To Get More Website Links – 12 Simple Ways to Get People to Link To Your Website

Ways To Get More People To Link To Your Web Site

Offer blog or website owners free content to post on their website. Include a call to action and a link to your site. Just make sure your content is related to your website theme so that you are directing targeted visitors to your site.

When you discover a web site you enjoy write a review for the site. Be sure to include the benefits you get from the web site. Contact the website owner and offer them your review to post on their website in return for a  link to your website.

Offer a free Ebook to your web site visitors.  Allow other people  to give the e-book to their own visitors by linking directly to your web site.

Offer other people the opportunity to publish your e-zine on their web site. Include a short plug and link to your site in each issue. The added bonus is that you  will see an increase in subscriber numbers.

Create an affiliate program and offer visitors the opportunity to join your affiliate program and earn a commission when they help you to sell your products or services. Just give them an affiliate link to track their sales and resources to make it easy to promote your products. People will link to your website tbecause th3ey have the opportunity to earn passive income.

Use the content on your site to create a free web book.  Create a title page, table of contents and chapters. Allow people to give away your website book by linking to your web site.

Are you an expert on your subject? Offer people a free e-mail consultation in exchange  for linking to your site. People will view this as a valuable offer becuase they will get a specific question answered without paying consulting fees.

When you buy something that you’re pleased with send the product owner a detailed testimonial that includes a link to your site. Give them permission to publish your testimonial on their website.

Create a directory of web sites on a specific topic offer people the option of adding the directory to their website by linking to it. Be sure to include an ad for your business at the top of each page of the directory.

Give away web space to people for free in return for a link to your site. You could design a simple ad or banner for them to put on their site.

Exchange content with related websites. You could trade articles or blog posts or free Ebooks that include a resource box with a link to your site.

Trade advertising with people who link to your website. You could trade e-zine ads, auto responder ads, eBook ads, telesminar  ads, whatever is appropriate for your business.

Start a membership site. Give visitors a taste of what’s in your members only site, outline the benefits of being a member and the cost involved. You could offer free membership to carefully selected website owners in return for a  link to your website.

I suggest you choose strategies that appeal to you then focus on one strategy each month and set aside time to spend on link building.  It’s worth the effort, you will be rewarded by a steadily improving search engine position and many more website vistors.

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How To Promote Your Website Without Spending A Fortune On Ads

How Can I Promote My Website For Free?

Do you have a website that is the same as lots of other people because it came with the online business you signed up to? If you do, you need to find ways of promoting your website  because your customers won’t find your cookie cutter website in the search engines.

You can buy expensive advertising, or use free online ads, or pay a lot of money to a SEO (search engine optimization) company.

How to promote your website effectively without spending lots of money

One of the most cost effective things to do is create a blog or website that will serve your target market, and link to your store front website with a call-to-action in your useful content. When you create an informative blog or website for your target market you will be able to get your blog ranked in the search engines and get free traffic to your store front instead of paying for ads.

You need to do this because when you are given a storefront website as part of your business opportunity your website is identical, to everyone else’s and doesn’t have any chance of being ranked in search engines.


So How Can I Promote My duplicated Website For Free?

The best way to promote any website for free online is to get your site ranked on the first page of Google for lots of the phrases that people use to search for what you offer.  Because that isn’t t possible with a copy website you need to set up your own blog or website to get around the problem.

Before you begin creating a blog think about your ideal customer and what kind of content will appeal to them

When you create your blog provide helpful content that solves problems and make sure that it is optimized for the search engines.  This will make it easier for your buyers to find your site when they are looking for solutions to problems. Once they are on your blog you will have the opportunity to tell them about your store front website and whatou offer there.

An essential first step to creating a blog or website that will be found in the search engines

The first step is keyword research, to find out what phrases your target market use when they search online. You can do extensive keyword research for free by taking advantage of a 7 day free trial  at Wordtracker

Your goal is to create a list of phrases that people actually use to search for what you have to offer and then write content that relates to thos phrases and will appeal to them. Make sure you optimize your pages to rank well in the search engines, and direct your potential customers to the solutions that you offer in your storefront website.

This is a very cost effective way to promote a website or affiliate link for free online. SEO (search engine optimization) is not hard. It’s just a matter of researching keywords, writing content that is optimized for those keywords, and getting links to your content. No mystery, those are the steps.

When you create a website or blog that outlines solutions,  resources, benefits,and reviews you will be able to to reach your target market and establish yourself as  an authority in your niche.

All you need to do is to discover what your target market is interested in, and deliver what they are searching for – the solutions and resources they need to solve their problem.

You can set up a website or blog for less for less than $10. All you need is a domain name and a hosting account. I use HostGator for web hosting because it’s easy to use, reliable and has excellent customer support.

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Getting Your Website Found By the Search Engines – Essential SEO Keys

How to get more website visitors

If you already have a website or blog and you want to get more vistors, you need to optimize your website for the search engines, in other words you need to give the search engines what they like to see.  

When your website is search engine optimized you will start to climb in search engine rankings and you will get many more targeted visitors to your website.

Once your website is ranked on the first pages of search results you will get much more free search engine traffic. The time invested in search engine optimization is well worth it.

Here are five keys to get you started with search engine optimization or SEO

  1. One of the first steps to SEO is to brainstorm and research the words potential visitors use to find what you have to offer, these words are known as keywords. You can’t afford to guess the keyword phrases that your visitors will use to search. If you build your pages around keywords that your potential visitors don’t actually use, you will wallow in the search engine doldrums and remain invisible to your target market. 
  2. Once you have identified the keywords your target market use to search, build your pages around those keywords and make sure that you include the keywords in:
  • the file name
  • title tag
  • description
  • keyword tag
  • headings
  • throughout the text
  • in anchor text
  • in alt image tags
  1. Another very important aspect of search engine optimization is links. You need a good linking structure within your site. Make sure you link your pages to each other with anchor text. Anchor text is simply a clickable link.
  2. You also need links from other websites, the more links you have, the better. Do make sure that the links pointing to your site are from relevant sites and try to make sure that you have links that use your keywords in the anchor text.
  3. Make sure that once your visitor lands on your site that they have good reason to stay. You need good quality information, attractively laid out with lots of white space. Look at your site through the eyes of a visitor and make sure that it is user friendly or they will just click away.

If you want to rank well in the search engines so that you can have more than your share of free traffic, I invite you to start by downloading the first chapter of Optimize Your Website for free.

Optimize Your Website is a step by guide to Search Engine Optimization written for non techies. It simplifies the process and gives you links to the tools you need to Optimize Your Website so that it gets found more often.

I’d also like to offer you a free audio, How To Get More Visitors To Your Website. Don’t let the price put you off. Although it’s free, you’ll find lots of really useful tips to help you start getting more traffic right away.

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