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Today I have some wonderful business building freebies to tell you about.

I have known Felicia Slattery for 7 years, she is an amazing coach and speaker and I have no hesitation in supporting the launch of her book,

“Kill the Elevator Speech: Stop Selling, Start Connecting.”  kill the elvator speech - felicia slattery

You can check it out here:



The great thing about Felicia’s book launch is that you don’t even have to buy her book to get the awesome bonuses she’s gathered for it!

All you have to do is visit her launch page and register. Of course, she hopes you will get her book and tell your business friends about it because there is some excellent content including:

A reality check on elevator speeches, where they come from and how we’ve been tricked into believing “everybody” in business needs one.

  • The surprisingly large role empathy has in business communication and the steps you can take to build professional relationships based on empathy.
  • The research behind why the “elevator speech” does NOT work.
  • The only 5 words you’ll ever need to start a conversation with anyone, anywhere.
  • The very few instances you’ll need some version of the outdated elevator speech and how to craft a powerful personal introduction that is interesting and compelling while also relationship-building.
  • The top 3 questions you can ask someone else to completely avoid having to deal with and wade through their version of an elevator speech.


As for freebies… Felicia has gathered together some amazing gifts all in one place that you would either not have access to at or would need to spend cash on.

=> A Kindle books from Kristen Eckstein how you can take a speech and turn it into a book.Author's Quick Guide To Turning Your Speech Into A Book - Kristen Eckstein

=> A webinar about how you can mindmap your first or next speech, from Bob the Teacher (one of my early mentors)

=> A webinar Felicia co-taught with Tony Laidig on Your Genius Factor and how you can tap into your unique God-given genius to serve the world.

=> Two written reports from Shannon Cherry, designed to help you network like a rock star and ethically and easily collect leads for your business.

=> Plus a few things from Felicia, too :)

Please check out her book and get your gifts TODAY right here:

To your success, Lynne

Free Online Search Marketing Tutorials

I have free have video tutorials for you…step by step training that shows you everything you need to know to generate leads online!

No guesswork, no confusion and no catch!

They show you exactly how to create a search engine optimized, traffic generating site in simple, easy to follow steps.

These video tutorials make it really easy even if you’re not technically minded. You’ll find them here

To your success


12 Free Gifts To Help You Build Your Business Right

Online marketing help at a price you can afford :)

If you need help with Internet Marketing then you’re going to love this! Over the next 12 days Jeanette Cates is going to share 12 different gifts with you – absolutely FREE!

Your first gift is a Niche Marketing Workbook. You’ll follow a simple 6-step process to help you identify, describe and refine your niche. I know you’ll find it helpful.

One of the most difficult things for any new marketer to do is to decide on the right niche. Many new businesses choose too broad a market – others choose a niche that is too narrow or not likely to be profitable.

Just click on the picture and you’ll have access to your first gift in minutes.

Is Making Money Online Much Simpler Than You’ve Been Told?

Can It Really Be So Simple To Make A Living On The Internet?

I’ve been listening to training from Lee McIntyre. He’s a former school teacher from the UK who is something of an overnight internet success. He started online in 2007, and within a few months he replaced his teaching income and built a large list of subscribers.

What I like about Lee is that he breaks the process of building a successful online business into simple steps that you can easily follow. As I watched the videos, I realized that I’ve fallen into the trap of making online marketing more work than it needs to be and I plan to make changes to how I work.

Lee says that the very first step is to find a hungry market and find out what they really want and need, I already knew that! But Lee goes on to say that your target market need to have a desperate problem that they want an urgent solution to, AND that your target market needs to be a group of people who are already buying from your competitors. They want answers NOW, and they’re ready to spend money to solve their problem quickly. To succeed online you need to target a competitive niche who are desperate for results!

Although that is what I do and what I teach I have never heard it taught in the way Lee teaches it. Making money online isn’t difficult, it’s simple, there are tried and tested steps that you need to do in the right order and this course offers 10 hours of excellent video training for less than $20.

I encourage you to take a look at Lee’s training program. His training will inspire and equip you to make more money online. His simple step by step processes are just what you need to set everything up the right way without taking unnecessary steps and creating headaches for yourself.

You can’t lose, Lee offers to give your money back if you’re not happy for any reason, but I’m confident that you won’t want to do that because his training really does hold the keys to making more money on the internet.

This training is STEP BY STEP and includes EVERYTHING you need to get started today.

To your success!


P.S Lee is selling his training as this ridiculously low price as part of a marketing test, it’s worth much more than he’s charging, you can claim instant online access to everything for LESS than you’ll spend on coffee this month!

Go here to see exactly what I mean…

10 Business Transforming Lessons From 10 Years Online

10 Business Transforming Lessons From 10 Years Online

As part of Jimmy D. Brown’s “10 Year Anniversary” celebration he’s prepared a special video for you to watch online.

You can watch it anytime today at…

The video is free to watch and will only take about half an hour of your time, so drop by and check it out, it contains valuable lessons from an internet marketing master. You don’t need to opt in, there are no hoops to jump through, just genuinely good content containing crucial lessons that will help you to transform your business.

THE BIGGEST LESSON you need to listen for is his advice on the ONE thing you need to concentrate on to achieve mega success with your
Internet business
. It’s lesson #5 of the presentation.

I also want to let you know of the PLR package that Jimmy has made available at

Jimmy has put together a package of products, reports, mini-courses,and articles that are mostly UNRELEASED content that he’s either personally written or co-written. All of these come with full PLR (private label rights) licenses! I bought the PLR package and can tell you that it’s worth having. It’s quality content and will save your days of work – really!

You’ll find the details at

Even if you don’t plan on using this content straight away, it’s worth buying for later, you won’t find better quality content for the price.

Enjoy the video!

To your success


Online Business Success – Powerful Free Business Coaching Series

FREE access to a  POWER BUSINESS COACHING SERIES - The Barrier Blasting Success Rally 2010

Tanya Smith has lined up an awesome Success Team, and they’re going to be revealing the exact steps you need to take, and strategies you can use, to BLAST through all the barriers which are currently standing between you and business success.

I know some of the guest experts personally and have no hesitation in recommending this business success series to you.

You can claim your Free VIP invitation by clicking here

90% of business success comes from having the right mindset!

The FASTEST route to online success is by getting out of your own way!! Your business success depends on it!

This coaching series will release you from trying to figure it all out by yourself and doing business blindfolded!

How can you blast past the obstacles that are holding you back?

Simple! Join us at

This is NOT the same old, same old type of virtual event you’ve participated in before!

  • there are no rambling life stories of how people ‘found’ their success
  • there are no waffly introductions leaving you wondering what the point of the session is
  • this is not just some airy-fairy topic which might or might not apply to you and your business

This coaching series is packed with actionable punchy content

You will discover:

  • The mindset shift you have to adopt for creating balance in your business…and it won’t be what you’ve been told before!
  • Why you need to ‘reverse engineer’ your business right now, and adopt leverage to stand any chance of being successful
  • The single most unique thing to add into your marketing mix for massive results
  • The keys to debunking the fear of selling, and the two strategies you can use to have clients running to hire you
  • The hottest way to connect with your followers, and enter the conversation they’re already having in their head!
  • he wrong way of setting goals….the only way of achieving them!
  • ……and that’s just scratching the surface of what’s being covered!

I invite you to attend the Barrier Blasting Success Rally 2010 with me (yes, I’ll be there, I know it’s worth my time because I know many of the experts and I know for sure that I will discover strategies to help me grow my business – I’m already registered!)

Just take a look at the line-up of speakers – can you imagine what it will mean to your business to have these proven experts sharing exactly how they overcame their blocks to get to success?

Just imagine the pain and frustration you’re going to be saved by letting them show you the shortcuts!

Carrie Wilkerson, Fabienne Fredrickson, Paul Evans and Ryan Lee know a thing or two about creating a successful business (they all have multiple six figure businesses!) – and that’s just a sample of the expert line up.

I have been assured that all the experts will be sharing ACTIONABLE steps for you to apply right away in your business!

Are you ready to BLAST through your blocks, to success? There is zero cost to you – that’s right it’s totally FREE.

You can get all the details right here

I urge you to go and register NOW! What have you got to lose?

One Of The Easiest Ways To Outsell Other Affiliate Marketers

For more information on turning on ten “built-in” ways to make money from your blog, visit

The Easiest Way To Outsell Other Affiliates

If you’re an affiliate marketer, then you’re always looking over your shoulder to see if the competition – your fellow affiliates – are catching up to you. Or, worse than that, you’re looking up ahead trying to catch up with them!

At times any market can be crowded, so selling the same thing to the same group of people means you’re lucky to get just a small share of the market. Imagine having thirty-five Wal-Mart stores in one small town, all competing with each other to get the local business. You get the idea.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. The easiest way to outsell other affiliates is this…

Turn your AFFILIATE offer into a UNIQUE offer!

You see, most affiliates try to sell the product as is. If your prospects are shopping around, they’re going to skip all the “buy from me” offers.

Instead, they’re going to focus on those offers that give them an incentive to buy. And that means you can outsell the other affiliates simply by offering a bonus product to anyone who buys through your affiliate link.

I’ve been teaching this concept since 2001 and, all things being equal, those affiliates who put this into practice will outsell those who don’t virtually 100% of the time.

It’s a very simple strategy. Let’s break it down into three steps…

Step 1: CHOOSE Your Incentive

Your goal is to make your offer stand out from the crowd by offering an incentive to buy from your link, thereby boosting your conversion rate. And that means you need to offer a bonus that enhances or otherwise complements the affiliate product.

Did you catch that? Your bonus should “enhance” or “complement” the product you are promoting as an affiliate. That’s what makes for the best incentive.

————- Case Study ———–

Let me give you a “real” case study (not made up … actually done by one of my customers).

A customer – who is also one of my affiliates – recently purchased my Multiple Streams Theme wordpress blog theme. He loaded it to his site. Then, he invested a little time writing a small report that teaches how to customize and tweak the theme. He offered this small report, filled with insider shortcuts and tips for enhancing the theme, as an incentive to anyone who ordered the Multiple Streams Theme through his affiliate link.


I’m just guessing, but I bet the report didn’t take him half an hour to write. He just logged his own personal experiences. And yet it has high value to anyone who has plans to order the theme.

That’s how you outsell other affiliates. You turn your AFFILIATE offer into a UNIQUE OFFER.

————- Case Study ———–

One way to do this is by reading the sales letter for the product and choosing one particularly enticing bullet point.

Example #1: If the sales letter tells prospects they can learn how to get traffic from social media sites, then you can create a report called “27 Ways to Use Social Media to Drive Traffic to Any Website!”

Example #2: If the sales page for a diet book promises a month of low calorie recipes to customers, you can create a supplementary low calorie recipe book and give it away to those who buy from your link.

Example #3: If you’re promoting a dog training book and you see a bullet point about eliminating bad behaviors such as jumping, incessant barking, digging in the gardening, etc. You can create a report or even a video called, “The Secrets of Training the Perfect Dog: How to Keep Your Dog’s Paws Off Your Guests, Off Your Counters and Out of Your Garden!”

The point is, your freebie should be directly related to the affiliate offer. You want your prospects to buy through your link just because the incentive is so enticing.

What kind of incentive? You can do videos, software, coaching, advertising, installations, services, etc.

But, “pound for pound”, the best and easiest incentive to create is a small report.

Step 2: CREATE Your Incentive

Once you decide on the topic, your next step is to create the bonus product. If you’re creating a short report or video, you can probably finish it in one day. Otherwise, you can hire a trusted freelancer to do it, which frees your time to focus on marketing the offer!

Tip: You find ghostwriters on sites like,, and You can also ask for recommendations from your colleagues via your social networks or on business forums.

Step 3: CIRCULATE Your Incentive

Finally, your last step is to promote your offer by letting prospects know that anyone who buys the affiliate product using your link will get the bonus product.

Let your list know. Tell your blog readers. Tweet about it. Purchase advertising. Distribute free marketing materials such as ezine articles. Mention it in signature files at forums. You know the drill.

Now, there are a few ways to deliver the product:

1. On the download page. If you’ve developed a relationship with the product vendor, he may agree to set up a special sales page that promotes the bonus plus a special download page so that customers can download it instantly after purchasing.

2. Manually. You can have customers forward their receipts and then you send them the link to the bonus.

3. Automatically. You can also set up a special email address with an autoresponder, so that anyone who sends you a receipt gets the download link automatically. (Naturally, some people will try to “cheat” this system.)

And there you have it – the simple three-step strategy you can use to outsell your competitors and put more money in your pocket.

It’s so easy you could be making more money by tomorrow… if you get started today!

Speaking of “making more money”. If you have a blog, how would you like to have ten “built-in” ways to increase your affiliate commissions from your blog? Visit to learn more.

NOTE: The offer mentioned at the website will no longer be available after Friday, March 19, 2010 at 10PM. Jimmy is “retiring” it then and discontinuing all sales.

Guest article from Jimmy D. Brown, developer of the Multiple Streams Theme WordPress blog theme

By the way, I will be creating a video to show you how to upload the theme and get started.  Just let me know that you bought the theme through my affiliate link and I will send you a link to view the video when it’s ready.

Too Good To Miss – Meaty Short Reports On Sale

One of my favourite people to learn from is Jimmy D.Brown. Jimmy is known for great value no fluff products.

These short,meaty, low-cost reports are a gold mine of quality content and Jimmy is taking them off the market before  the end of the month.

Here’s a list of what’s available…

Piggyback Launches: 3 Surefire Ways To Get A Steady Stream Of Free Traffic For Any New Product

Homepreneur Habits: How To Run A Successful Home Business

How To Get Free Traffic To Your Website With Ezine Articles

How To Get F.R.E.E. Traffic with PLR Reports

8 Irresistible Ways To Get Super Affiliates To Enlist In Your Sales Army

How To Improve Your Information W.R.I.T.I.N.G.

The Upsell Report: How To Get Customers To Spend More Money

There are just a few days to grab copies of these gems before he pulls the plug. Jimmy is discounting the price of EVERY report to only $10 each! This makes these reports affordable for everyone, even people on a strict budget.

All the reports are good, at only $10, they are a no-brainer!

To read through a complete description of each report, visit the SR Zone site by clicking the link below:

I recommend you go there now before you get distracted and forget, they are only available for a very limited time.

To your success

Lynne Lee

How To Promote Your Website Without Spending A Fortune On Ads

How Can I Promote My Website For Free?

Do you have a website that is the same as lots of other people because it came with the online business you signed up to? If you do, you need to find ways of promoting your website  because your customers won’t find your cookie cutter website in the search engines.

You can buy expensive advertising, or use free online ads, or pay a lot of money to a SEO (search engine optimization) company.

How to promote your website effectively without spending lots of money

One of the most cost effective things to do is create a blog or website that will serve your target market, and link to your store front website with a call-to-action in your useful content. When you create an informative blog or website for your target market you will be able to get your blog ranked in the search engines and get free traffic to your store front instead of paying for ads.

You need to do this because when you are given a storefront website as part of your business opportunity your website is identical, to everyone else’s and doesn’t have any chance of being ranked in search engines.


So How Can I Promote My duplicated Website For Free?

The best way to promote any website for free online is to get your site ranked on the first page of Google for lots of the phrases that people use to search for what you offer.  Because that isn’t t possible with a copy website you need to set up your own blog or website to get around the problem.

Before you begin creating a blog think about your ideal customer and what kind of content will appeal to them

When you create your blog provide helpful content that solves problems and make sure that it is optimized for the search engines.  This will make it easier for your buyers to find your site when they are looking for solutions to problems. Once they are on your blog you will have the opportunity to tell them about your store front website and whatou offer there.

An essential first step to creating a blog or website that will be found in the search engines

The first step is keyword research, to find out what phrases your target market use when they search online. You can do extensive keyword research for free by taking advantage of a 7 day free trial  at Wordtracker

Your goal is to create a list of phrases that people actually use to search for what you have to offer and then write content that relates to thos phrases and will appeal to them. Make sure you optimize your pages to rank well in the search engines, and direct your potential customers to the solutions that you offer in your storefront website.

This is a very cost effective way to promote a website or affiliate link for free online. SEO (search engine optimization) is not hard. It’s just a matter of researching keywords, writing content that is optimized for those keywords, and getting links to your content. No mystery, those are the steps.

When you create a website or blog that outlines solutions,  resources, benefits,and reviews you will be able to to reach your target market and establish yourself as  an authority in your niche.

All you need to do is to discover what your target market is interested in, and deliver what they are searching for – the solutions and resources they need to solve their problem.

You can set up a website or blog for less for less than $10. All you need is a domain name and a hosting account. I use HostGator for web hosting because it’s easy to use, reliable and has excellent customer support.

More useful resources

How to Do Keyword Research

Lots of really useful step by step SEO help

Site Build It

Get A LOT More Web Traffic Starting Today

Want a lot more traffic to your websites quickly?

What you could do with all that extra website traffic?

  • Build your opt-in list?
  • Sell more products?
  • Get more clients
  • Generate more leads for high-end product sales?

Your options are limitless but if you don’t know how to generate lots of targeted traffic, growing your business can be very difficult.

Find out today how to immediately increase your website traffic by watching the video below:

Who is this for?

If you have been online for less than 6 months, this probably isn’t for you.

If you have been online for longer than that, already have a blog, and are creating your own product or promoting a product as an affiliate, then this definitely IS for you. It’s a system that can be used by virtually any site

You won’t get just a “few” extra visitors you will many thousands more extra visitors… every month. That may sound impossible, but Armand Morin shows you exactly how to get many more website visitors easily without breaking the bank.

If this like the sound of that watch this everything is explained here:

To Your Online Success,


P.S. This simple system enables you to get vistors to your site for as little as 1 CENT per click.

P.P.S. This is a complete step-by-step video training system showing you how to drive masses of visitors to your site each and every month using Google. Take a look for yourself:

I am so convinced that this will multiply my results many times over that that I have signed up for it myself!

How To Create An Effective Web Presence & Grow Your Business

Discover How To Grow Your Online Business  

FREE Teleseminar with Lynne Lee &  Bob The Teacher – Replay Available NOW!

Do any of these describe you?

  • I’m great at what I do, but I can’t get enough clients or sales to make a good living
  • I know I need to promote my products and services, but I don’t know how to market them online
  • I want to Impact a larger audience with my products and services

If you aren’t sure how internet marketing fits into your business and want to discover essential strategies, skills, and techniques to help you promote your business online, this telesminar is for you.

You will learn the basics of internet marketing, without paying for an over priced hyped up course that you’re not even ready for!

This free internet marketing seminar is information packed and help equip you to grow your business and get more clients and customers.

Free internet marketing Help

Bob Jenkins is one of the internet’s best online marketing trainers. He has created a one-stop internet marketing resource center, and wants to give you instant access to some of the best step by step internet marketing training for free.

Bob gives both the big picture, the “why”, and the small steps that most people skip over, you are never left guessing. His training will have a huge impact on your business.

Bob’s step by step training will answer your questions and empower you to take your business to the next level

When you register for this free telesminar you will get access to a substantial amount of free training so you can test out Bob Jenkin’s IM Success Library for yourself.

  • How to set up your first list with Aweber, and connect it to your website
  • How social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Ning can be used to promote your business without spamming everybody
  • And many additional lessons to show you how to turn more visitors into subscribers and buyers

Get instant access to this information packed call

Here is what one of our listeners had to say :

Thank you Lynne and Bob. More value than I could have imagined. My fear of change and site improvement is reduced as a result of your help. 

With Lynne’s help this past week, I am now on Twitter. She has taken away this fear of mine that I may goof up something. Bob, your approach helps me to feel valuable, renewing a sense of success in internet marketing.  Thank you – Ben

Why You Need A Sigature Speech & How to Leverage Public Speaking

Your Signature Speech:  The Ultimate Leverage Tool

Public speaking is one of the the most powerful and effective forms of marketing for your small or home-based business, especially if you are a service-minded heart-centered entrepreneur.  Public speaking is also the most efficient method for getting the word out about what you do – by using your Signature Speech at both live and virtual events .

The most successful business owners realize in order to maximize their time and efforts they have to leverage their talents, skills, and content. When you create your Signature Speech you can use the content to generate a complete publicity campaign – with very little effort.

Here are some ways you can start to use the content form your Signature Speech in five easy steps:

Step 1: Take small sections of your Signature Speech and turn them into articles. Post them for free at

Step 2: Turn each article into a video by either recording yourself explaining the content of the article or using a combination of Powerpoint and video-making software like CamStudio. Upload the video to several video sharing sites for free using

Step 3: Create several blog posts out of the content of your Signature Speech and engage your readers by asking a question they can comment on.

Step 4: Post your best concise tips from your Signature Speech to your status updates in social media like Facebook and Twitter and LinkedIn.

Step 5: Use the content of your Signature Speech in your own newsletter or ezine to share your best tips, techniques, and tools with your community of subscribers.

With these tools in place, you’ll build your credibility, establish yourself as a leading authority, and increase the chances of your ideal target market coming directly to you instead of you having to go chase after them (let’s hear a yay to THAT!).

Using this leverage and attraction strategy you’ll easily draw in more prospects, more clients, and more cash flow from the content of just  one Signature Speech.  

Article used with permission of Felicia J Slattery

Felicia Slattery is offering signature specch solutions that will help you to create an effective client winning signature speech. Just click this  link for details.

WordPress Video Tutorials – Step-By-Step WordPress Tutorials Show You Exactly How To Set Up A WordPress Blog

This collection of  Step-By-Step WordPress Video Tutorials Shows You Exactly How To Set-Up a Self Hosted WordPress Blog

If you insist on learning Internet Marketing and WordPress the hard way – by searching for free videos and tips – you will struggle. It’s like trying to complete a jigsaw puzzle, without all the pieces.

These WordPress videos were created with the absolute beginner in mind, so you won’t ever feel like you’re listening to a geek. They show you exactly how set up a self hosted WordPress Blog and you will be able to understand them.

Follow this link and see for yourself just how easy it is. You don’t need to pay someone to set up a WordPress blog for you.

Step-By-Step WordPress Video Tutorials

How To Harness The Power Of Telesminars In Your Business

Teleseminars are one of the fastest, easiest ways to create products, make money as an affiliate and build stronger customer relationships.

This free report shows you how to get started. Just right click and download. No opt in required.

Free Report – Telesminar Formula

See for yourself how easy it is to get started with telesminars

Essential Communication Skills You Need For Your Business

A new program that shows you the essential skills you need to succeed in your business, from

    choosing a niche
    to asking the right questions
    to capitalizing on your credibility
    feeling more confident
    what language choices will make you money (and what will NOT!)

… and so much more.

Brought to you by communication consultant, coach, and speaker Felicia Slattery.  Learn more and get on board while Felicia is offering a low introductory price

Cash in on Communication Program

You will find the help and support that you need to create a successful online business

Are You Making These Affiliate Marketing Mistakes?

Affiliate marketing mistakes and how to avoid them

Believing that people will just click on your affiliate links

Your job as an affiliate marketer is to make honest recommendations and pre-sell the products. Pre-selling involves much more than simply putting affiliate links or banners on your site  It involves encouraging people to click on your links by outlining the benefits, giving honest recommendations, and giving your readers a good reason to check out the product.

Believing that people will simply find your website

You only get search engine traffic when you set your site up in the way that search engines like. If your site isn’t listed on the first page of Google you won’t get much traffic from the search engines.

You need to optimize your site so that people can easily find it. You can do this by doing keyword research, using effective SEO strategies, and proven marketing techniques. If you want to make money online, you need to optimize your pages and your images, and get lots of links to your site. if you do this right, you will get lots of free search engine traffic and get your recommendations in front of a large chunk of your target market.

Believing that using one marketing strategy is enough

I hope you know that submitting one article to article directories won’t give you much traffic and that limiting yourself to one or two marketing strategies will limit the number of visitors you get to your site. You will have more success if you use multiple traffic generating strategies. 

I use Article Marketer to get massive exposure for my articles.

You could use the Directory of Ezines to advertise your site to thousands of your target market economically

Not monitoring what is working

It isn’t enough just to check up on how much you have earned each day. You need to know what is working best and adjust. Review you strategies regularly, note what is working best, what needs improving and how you can improve it, then adjust your strategies.

  • How many visitors are you getting to each of your pages?
  • Where are your visitors coming from?
  • What keywords are bringing them in?
  • How many of your visitors are first time visitors?
  • How many are returning visitors?
  • How much time do they spend on your pages?

If you haven’t got a web analytics package, you need one! Your web statistics will give you valuable information that will help you to improve your marketing efforts.

Choosing the wrong affiliate programs 

Some affiliate programs offer 100% commissions, but if the products are no good or the sales page is sub-standard, or customer service is bad, you won’t make much money and it will harm your reputation.

You need to find affiliate programs that offer good affiliate support and give you resources to help you succeed. My two favourites for that are Sitesell and Jimmy D Brown. I have no hesitation in recommending their products because I use them and know they are good. In addition, they offer excellent affiliate resources and support.

If you aren’t a Sitesell affiliate yet, visit this page to join their program and see how a good affiliate program is run

Become a Site Build It affiliate

You don’t have to promote their products if you don’t want to, but you can build a useful passive income stream if you do, and you will learn a lot of useful strategies in the process.

Not investing in effective training 

Buy recommended eBooks, special reports and video training. Join mentor programs and invest in teleseminars… Learn from people who are already successful and model what they do.

Believing that affiliate marketing will make you rich overnight 

Affiliate marketing is not a way to get rich quick. If you want to succeed online you will have to invest a lot of time, and be prepared to spend some money. 

Action Steps For Affilite Marketing Success

  • Join the Sitesell Affiliate Program and see how a top class affiliate program is run
  • Learn from Jimmy D Brown. Buy some of his reports, join his affiliate program and get tips and ideas for promoting other affiliate programs
  • Build a subscriber list so that you can keep in touch with your visitors and have an opportunity to make money from them over time. People rarely buy on their first visit.
  • Download and read the free Affiliate Masters Course for a good grounding in building a successful affiliate marketing business
  • Test different affiliate programs and see which ones gfive you the best return for your efforts
  • Search for products that have a big demand. When you promote products that people are looking to buy, you stand a better chance of making more money 
  • Find monthly membership products and include them in your list of recommended programs. I love getting paid for months rather than just once 
  • Continue to invest in training to improve your marketing skills
  • Don’t give up. If something isn’t working, find another way

Here is a link to great step by step affiliate training

Here are some free guides to help you.

Make Your Words Sell

Perry Marshall’s Adwords Guide

Free Squidoo Training

Create An E course In One Day

This guide isn’t free but it is good and comes highly recommended

Small Reports Fortune

Here’s to your affiliate marketing success and bigger and better affiliate commission payments.


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How To Use The Internet To Promote Your Business

Have you a low advertising budget? If so, there are a variety of low-cost advertising and promotional tools that you can use to promote your business online.

If you want to expand your business but cannot afford to plant stores all around, you need to be on the Internet. Nearly everyone is using the Internet, because they enjoy the convenience and ease of buying online. Ove 80% of people search online first! Give your customers what they want.


  1. Set up your own website. You can either set up your own website or you can pay someone to set it up for you. You can have web hosting for as little as $5.00 per month plus yearly registration of your domain name (the website address).
  2. Use pay per click advertising. You can set a price that you would be willing to pay every time someone clicks on an ad that you write. You only have to pay this when someone clicks on your ad. If no one clicks on your ad you do not have to pay. They allow you to set up a daily advertising budget and you have the freedom to cancel and restart your ads any time you want.
  3. Submit your site to many website directories. You can search the Internet for free website directories and you will find lots of links to places where you can advertise.
  4. Participate in forums and blogs. This is a great way to help promote your product or services. Often you can do this for free.
  5. Use email marketing. You can create lists of customers, or potential customers that you can keep in touch with on a regular basis. These e-mailings can all be sent out in bulk, as if you were sending them through postal mail.


  • Usually in order to set up your own website for your business you need to purchase both web hosting , which mentioned above can be bought cheaply. You can buy a great website package deal for $25.00 a month. Also, you can purchase online store sites, also called e-commerce sites, which usually average about 60.00 a month.
  • Even though advertising on the Internet can still cost money, the beauty of advertising and having your store on the Internet is that you do not have to spend large amounts of money on paper advertising.
  • Ezine advertising is a very cost effective way of advertsing your business,  you can get thousands of highly targeted visitors to your products and services without spending a fortune
  • You can also keep business cards in local stores, mail out flyers to residents when you are having a sale, get listed in a business directory if your town has one, and more. Be creative with your marketing, and you will save time and money. Another way is to visit workshops associated with your business. There you can network with others in your business and get ideas on what works and what doesn’t. Studying your competition is a great way to see what you are up against, and even learn from their mistakes!
  • Remember your business basics. The best form of advertising is free – word of mouth. If you are an excellent business with superior customer service, your customers will tell everyone they know about their experience. That makes their friends and family remember your business name when they are in need of your products or services.

Article provided by wikiHow, a wiki how-to manual. Please edit this article and find author credits at the original wikiHow article on How to Use the Internet to Promote Your Business. All content on wikiHow can be shared under a Creative Commons license.

How To Build A Successful Internet Business – Step by Step

This video is amazing, full of nuggets to help you build your business the right way. Nobody else makes it so simple!

Marlon Sanders is an internet marketing success. He has been around for a long time and he know what works. He has his own inimitable style :) teaching people how to build a solid business on the internet. If you follow his steps you will start making a profit from the start.

I’m excited about what I just heard in Marlon’s video. I am thankful that people like Marlon share tried and tested strategies that work AND provide you with the tools you need to do it.

Watch the video, follow his recommendations and then take action. His strategies work. And for the next few days he is offering you the opportunity to try out his strategies and great tools for just $1. Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity.

3 Great Resources To Help you Grow Your Business

I thought you might appreciate some no cost and low cost training.

This first resource is free. There is no obligation to buy, just watch, listen, and enjoy. Then implement the strategies you learn and watch your visitor numbers grow.

7 deadly SEO mistakes and how to avoid them

What you don’t know about search engine optimisation can harm your business, so do take this opportunity to learn for free from some of the best in the business.

Do you want to make more money as an affiliate?

If you’d like to know how to make more money as an affiliate my friend Connie Ragen Green has an excellent training webinar at a price you can afford

Free Google Adwords and membership site training 

Armand Morin has a free video available until midnight Sunday. The training starrts about 5 minutes in. Watch and learn, he shares great information

I hope it helps,

Have a great weekend