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Do any of these describe you?

  • I’m great at what I do, but I can’t get enough clients or sales to make a good living
  • I know I need to promote my products and services, but I don’t know how to market them online
  • I want to Impact a larger audience with my products and services

If you aren’t sure how internet marketing fits into your business and want to discover essential strategies, skills, and techniques to help you promote your business online, this telesminar is for you.

You will learn the basics of internet marketing, without paying for an over priced hyped up course that you’re not even ready for!

This free internet marketing seminar is information packed and help equip you to grow your business and get more clients and customers.

Free internet marketing Help

Bob Jenkins is one of the internet’s best online marketing trainers. He has created a one-stop internet marketing resource center, and wants to give you instant access to some of the best step by step internet marketing training for free.

Bob gives both the big picture, the “why”, and the small steps that most people skip over, you are never left guessing. His training will have a huge impact on your business.

Bob’s step by step training will answer your questions and empower you to take your business to the next level

When you register for this free telesminar you will get access to a substantial amount of free training so you can test out Bob Jenkin’s IM Success Library for yourself.

  • How to set up your first list with Aweber, and connect it to your website
  • How social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Ning can be used to promote your business without spamming everybody
  • And many additional lessons to show you how to turn more visitors into subscribers and buyers

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Here is what one of our listeners had to say :

Thank you Lynne and Bob. More value than I could have imagined. My fear of change and site improvement is reduced as a result of your help. 

With Lynne’s help this past week, I am now on Twitter. She has taken away this fear of mine that I may goof up something. Bob, your approach helps me to feel valuable, renewing a sense of success in internet marketing.  Thank you – Ben

Why You Need A Sigature Speech & How to Leverage Public Speaking

Your Signature Speech:  The Ultimate Leverage Tool

Public speaking is one of the the most powerful and effective forms of marketing for your small or home-based business, especially if you are a service-minded heart-centered entrepreneur.  Public speaking is also the most efficient method for getting the word out about what you do – by using your Signature Speech at both live and virtual events .

The most successful business owners realize in order to maximize their time and efforts they have to leverage their talents, skills, and content. When you create your Signature Speech you can use the content to generate a complete publicity campaign – with very little effort.

Here are some ways you can start to use the content form your Signature Speech in five easy steps:

Step 1: Take small sections of your Signature Speech and turn them into articles. Post them for free at

Step 2: Turn each article into a video by either recording yourself explaining the content of the article or using a combination of Powerpoint and video-making software like CamStudio. Upload the video to several video sharing sites for free using

Step 3: Create several blog posts out of the content of your Signature Speech and engage your readers by asking a question they can comment on.

Step 4: Post your best concise tips from your Signature Speech to your status updates in social media like Facebook and Twitter and LinkedIn.

Step 5: Use the content of your Signature Speech in your own newsletter or ezine to share your best tips, techniques, and tools with your community of subscribers.

With these tools in place, you’ll build your credibility, establish yourself as a leading authority, and increase the chances of your ideal target market coming directly to you instead of you having to go chase after them (let’s hear a yay to THAT!).

Using this leverage and attraction strategy you’ll easily draw in more prospects, more clients, and more cash flow from the content of just  one Signature Speech.  

Article used with permission of Felicia J Slattery

Felicia Slattery is offering signature specch solutions that will help you to create an effective client winning signature speech. Just click this  link for details.

WordPress Video Tutorials – Step-By-Step WordPress Tutorials Show You Exactly How To Set Up A WordPress Blog

This collection of  Step-By-Step WordPress Video Tutorials Shows You Exactly How To Set-Up a Self Hosted WordPress Blog

If you insist on learning Internet Marketing and WordPress the hard way – by searching for free videos and tips – you will struggle. It’s like trying to complete a jigsaw puzzle, without all the pieces.

These WordPress videos were created with the absolute beginner in mind, so you won’t ever feel like you’re listening to a geek. They show you exactly how set up a self hosted WordPress Blog and you will be able to understand them.

Follow this link and see for yourself just how easy it is. You don’t need to pay someone to set up a WordPress blog for you.

Step-By-Step WordPress Video Tutorials