How To Set Up An Affiliate Program

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest and most cost effective ways of promoting your product or service on the Internet.

A growing number of businesses are using affiliates to increase their website traffic, capture leads and increase sales. Most of the biggest marketers rely on affiliate programs for traffic, which means they also rely on their affiliates for leads and sales.

If you have a product or service and you want to sell more of it, seriously consider setting up an affiliate program.

If you want to know how to set up your own affiliate program I recommend you take a look at

Sales Army Secrets by  Jimmy D. Brown

Sales Army secrets is a complete course and includes audio and transcripts as well as bonuses to help you either get an affiliate program up and running from scratch or greatly improve your existing program. Jimmy shares ideas and techniques that have helped him attract many affiliates and keep them motivated, promoting his products and earning him money.

He shares step by step, how you can get an affiliate program set up within a matter of hours, what tools you need to provide your affiliates, and what you can do to support your affiliates and get them selling for you regularly.

I like the step by step approach. It is great for a beginner who doesn’t have an affiliate program yet, and it also contains advanced ideas and strategies that helped improve my affiliate program. After going through the audio and transcript for the first time, I came up with 2 pages of ideas and changes that I am working on.

Just click this link to check out Sales Army Secrets

Affiliate program management

I chose WAHMCART for my affiliate program.

I chose them because the monthly charge is reasonable and I get affiliate management, unlimited autoresponders and a shopping cart combined. Regina Baker answers emails and will get on the phone with you to sort stuff out if necessary. You get secure electronic delivery.

1Shopping Cart

This has all the bells and whistles and you pay much more because of that. It is good, and if you expect to do a lot of business it may be your best choice. They have a responsive help desk.


This is similar to Clickbank but easier to use. You don’t have to have your sales page approved. You can list your first product for free, then pay a small charge for an unlimited number of product listings when you have more products.  

E Junkie allows you to sell your downloadable product online for a small monthly fee.

There are other affiliate management providers, but these are the ones I either use myself or have heard good reports of.

I’d love to know if you found this helpful.

To your affiliate marketing success


Proven Niche Markets – How Do You Choose A Profitable Niche?

How Do You Choose A Profitable Niche?

You know the steps

  • Do market research
  • Do extensive keyword research
  • Choose a niche

But how do you know whether your chosen niche is likely to be profitable?

Have you ever wished that instead of somebody giving you the steps, tools and techniques that you need to start being successful online, that they just did the spade work for you?

Are you?

* Stuck picking a niche market
* Wanting to find a better niche market
* Needing some profitable business ideas

You’ll be pleased to know that the spade work has already been done for you.  You can receive details of 241 of the best niche markets proven to be successful online.

Not only will you receive the complete list of 241 niches, but also what people are BUYING in that niche so that you can model what is already successful.

You also get the keyword research for each niche so you don’t have to spend a fortune and the next 3 or 4 weeks slaving away with keyword research tools.

On top of that…

You get a system to help you narrow down the big list and pinpoint your ideal niche.

You also get a training course and software package that shows you how to start generating income as an affiliate in that niche.

If you like the idea of the spade work being done for you, then you will love Proven Niche Markets

Unfortunately most people have no idea how to do effective market research and find the process so overwhelming that they give up.

Who Is Proven Niche Markets for?

People who haven’t made much money online and would love someone to help them identify a profitable niche worth puring their time and energy into.

Browsing through the list of proven niche markets is eye opening.  You will see all kinds of unique and “why didn’t I think of that” business ideas.

Each market niche has a description of the niche, what kinds of products people are currently buying and the keyword research.

It also comes with a formula that shows you how to find the markets that are a great fit for you and then identify the market that is the perfect fit for you.

Proven Nice Markets will finally help you solve the one of the biggest sources of frustration and roadblock that is holding you back – picking a profitable proven niche market.

If you’re stuck, I recommend you take a look at Proven Niche Markets to see if it’s what you need to help you succeed online.